Kritieke Profetiese Waarskuwing aan Suid-Afrika

Boodskapper van God Op Woensdag 1 Februarie 2017, het God vir my gese, Hy is keelvol en woedend oor dit wat in Suid – Afrika plaasvind en dat Hy Sy toorn oor die mense gaan gebied en dat ek hulle indringend moet waarsku! Die volgende aanklagtes het die Heilige Gees Sondag 5 Februarie, aan my … [Read more…]

Simultaneously escalating of prophetic events & fulfilments

Simultaneously escalating of prophetic events & fulfilments   Massive knowledge increment in the recent 100 years   Dan 12:4 God shortens time               Matt 24:22 Al 10 virgins are spiritually asleep                 Matt 25:5 Ministers & church members are lukewarm           Rev 3:16 “Church – hopping” by multitude of Christians escalate          Amos 8:11-12 Multitude of false ministers worldwide                  2 Peter 2:1-23 Massive … [Read more…]

My personal testimony – Hein van den Berg

My personal testimony for God’s Honour. Jesus’s second coming is at hand and He warns us in Matt 24:4-5 that in these days there will be massive deception, therefore there is only one way to see if I am not a false prophet, to acknowledge that God took me from 25 August 1958 for 57 years … [Read more…]

The Jezebel – Spirit

THE JEZEBEL – SPIRIT CRITICAL INFORMATION THAT EVERY CHRISTIAN MUST HAVE & UNDERSTAND IN THIS FINAL HOUR. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free! (John 8v32) INTRODUCTION Question: Who were present in Eden during the creation? God (Joh 1v1-3), Jesus (Joh 1v9-10), Holy Spirit (Gen 1v2) and Lucifer (Ezek 28v13) … [Read more…]

Presentations on Youtube

We are starting to upload all our presentations to youtube.  Please share with everyone. We will be upload all our english and afrikaans presentations – please watch feel free to watch these videos. REALITY OF PROPHECY REALITEIT VAN BYBELSE PROFESIE SEMINAAR (Afrikaans) REALITEIT VAN BYBELSE PROFESIE SEMINAAR MET HEIN VAN DEN BERG SE GETUIENIS (Afrikaans)

Prophetic Chronological order

PROPHETIC CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER   Syria accommodates Hezbollah fighters that wants to destroy Israel, thousands of rockets have already been fired (Ps 83:1-9) at Israel. ISRAEL is the apple of GOD’s Eye, HE confuses the Muslim-inhabitants of Syria (Gen 15:11-12,Zech 8:10(c) Sunni and Shia Muslims start to wipe out each other like flies, all the buildings and … [Read more…]