The Election

GODS GREAT GIFT TO US – WITH AN URGENT WARNING! THE ELECTION.   (Romans 11: 11-26) It is the most astronomical privilege to be a part of God’s election – so much undeserved mercy!   QUESTION: What does it mean to be chosen by God? It is of cardinal importance to understand God’s election correctly, … [Read more…]

Simultaneously escalating of prophetic events & fulfilments

Simultaneously escalating of prophetic events & fulfilments   Massive knowledge increment in the recent 100 years   Dan 12:4 God shortens time               Matt 24:22 Al 10 virgins are spiritually asleep                 Matt 25:5 Ministers & church members are lukewarm           Rev 3:16 “Church – hopping” by multitude of Christians escalate          Amos 8:11-12 Multitude of false ministers worldwide                  2 Peter 2:1-23 Massive … [Read more…]