God’s Promise of Salvation



If we look around us today, what do we see? Chaos worldwide and the core being the Middle-East and Israel at the centre of this chaos!

(Isaiah 10:23 / Ezek 38:12)


  • To understand prophecy we must go back 4000 years in God’s word to the man named Abraham and his wife Sarah.
  • God concludes in Gen 15-17 an eternal Covenant and gives the land Canaan to him and his descendants Isaac and Jacob as an everlasting property
  • Abraham however in Gen 16 goes to his slave Hagar (Egyptian slave) and Ishmael as first-born is conceived.
  • Later on Isaac is conceived by Sarah also as first-born.(According to tradition only the first-born can inherit and a checkmate situation takes place hence the 4000 year old battle up to today)
  • Sarah chases Hagar away – Ishmael is not allowed to inherit.God blesses both Isaac and Ishmael to become huge nations, but only Isaac can inherit.Out of Isaac bloodline comes Jesus Christ and out of Ishmael’s bloodline comes the antichrist (Gen 21:9-13)
  • Through Isaac comes Jacob with the 12 tribes that go off to Egypt (Gen46:3), out of Ishmael comes 12 kings that are scattered through Arabia (Gen 21:21)
  • Moses leads God’s people out of Egypt to Canaan – the inheritance land (Ex 13:17-22)
  • After that follows Judges & Kings to rule God’s people – divided into 11 tribes – 11 tribes to Samaria, 1 tribe Judaea to Jerusalem (1 Kings 11:9-13)
  • Because of their disobedience the 11 tribes are banished to Assyria (2 Kings 17:21-23) and Judaea to Babylon for 70years (Daniel) (2 Kings 25:1-30)
  • God sends a message with an angel to Daniel to tells him that there will be a 70 x 7 years = 490 years course of time up till Jesus,it is going to take 49 years to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple and then thereafter 434 years up to Jesus.  That is 483 years. Remaning is 1×7 year (Daniel 9:23-27)
  • In Matt 22 God invites His people, the Jews to be married to His Son Jesus – they refuse and crucify Him, consequently the last 7 year gets moved on for another 2000 years.
  • 70 AD Jerusalem gets destroyed and the Jews are scattered across the world (Luke 19v41-44)
  • Thereupon God gives the gentiles for 2000 years the opportunity to proclaim the glory of the Gospel (church period) and to become Bride of Christ (Acts 28:25-28) to marry Him and spend 7 years in Heaven and reckon off with the Jews and the world in the Great Tribulation that is now on hand (Matt 24v21 / Dan 12v1)
  • The 2nd World War ended on August 1945 and the United Nations began September 1945 (Ps 2:1-5), headquarters New York, USA and in 1948 they declared Israel sovereign state ( the Figtree bud Luk 21:29-30) and directly after that the surrounding Muslim countries(Ishmaelite’s/Hagareners) conduct a massive onslaught against Israel to get hold of the inheritance (Canaan)
  • Jesus mentions in the 3 gospels of Matt, Mark and Luke that everyone born in 1948 and thereafter will be the generation that will see all of these things happening (Matt 24:34)
  • In 1960 a new word was on everyone’s lips worldwide. Democracy (the people rule) and this ignites the age-old spirit of jealousy and spite between the Jews and Muslims to get the land of inheritance Canaan (Israel) up to breaking point – at present we are on the eve of the greatest catastrophic event that the world has ever witnessed, namely the great tribulation of 7 years also known as the 70th year week of Daniel, in the reign of the antichrist (2 Thes 2:3-9)
  • Because God is righteous and a God of Love He gives every, faithful Christian (Child of God) that lives a pure and Holy life (enough oil) His loving opportunity to escape al these things on hand (Luk 21:36) and marry Jesus according to Matt 25, to be in heaven for 7 years and to return with Him (Zech 14:5(c) Rev 19:11-14) for a honeymoon of 1000 years on earth (Rev 20:6)
  • The big question have you got enough oil to go or not, are you staying behind? May God help us!