The marvellous simplicity of the book – REVELATION

The marvellous simplicity of  the book – REVELATION.

Written in the year 95 a.d.


At that time Jesus answered and said, “I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes!” Matt 11 v 25


Revelation 1

A Glorified Jesus shows Him to us – Read the prophecies – He is coming on the clouds – seven letters to seven congregations (Log 2x close/soon)


Revelation 2 & 3 (The church period of 2000 years)

Seven physical congregations (from 90 congregations) each receive a letter to their minister (translated away in new translations refer to church). Each congregation set up a church dispensation and church period.

7 Church periods:

Ephesus – the back cases church (95 a.d)

Smyrna – the persecuted church (150 a.d)

Pergamos– the delusive church  (325 – 350 a.d) (Constantine – pagan festivals and Christmas) Constantine pair off Christianity with paganism.

Thiatire – the apostate church (606 a.d) dark Middle ages (Roman church Pope,bishops, cardinals)

Sardis – the “dead” church (1500 a.d) Reformation – Luther

Philadelphia – the evangelist church (1750 a.d) Wesley, Moody, Finney

Laodiceathe lukewarm church of human rights which God will spew out of His mouth (1900 until NOW)

Revelation 4

A Detailed face of God and His Throne

Revelation 5

Jesus as the Lamb of God, alone worthy to take the book and to open the seven seals.

Revelation 6 – 18

7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Bowls – final judgements

(the great tribulation of seven years begins here)

Jesus has book with seven seals – seven angels with seven trumpets – seven angels with seven vials or bowls with God’s wrath (God’s number, 777)

First seal: Jesus opens the first seal – the antichrist appears on a white horse as the “ false christ – antichrist” (Matt 24 v 4-5)

Second seal: a red horse – the antichrist conducts war worldwide and millions die (Matt 24 v 6)

Third seal: a black horse – Enormous famine worldwide due to wars (Matt 24 v 7)

Fourth seal: a pale horse – Almost 2 Billion people die (Matt 24 v 9)

Fifth seal: Masses of Christians die as martyrs, already started in the Middle East  – torture and beheading (See Joh 16 v 1-3, Rev 20 v 4)

Sixth seal: Events at the end of the great tribulation of seven years with the battle of Armageddon (Ezekiel 38 & 39, Zech 1 and Rev 19 v 11-21)

Revelation 7 (Great tribulation)

  1. 144 000 Jews are rescued by God with (777) on their foreheads in the great tribulation, and they begin (along with Moses and Elijah Rev 11) to preached the gospel to the Jews (Isaiah 2 v 1-5 en Micah 4 v 1-5)
  2. Countless christians (5 unwise virgins) in heaven that come out of the great tribulation.


Revelation 8 (Great tribulation – Seventh seal)

Beginning of God’s judgements – 30 minutes silence in heaven

Seven angels with seven trumpets (trumpets) announce God’s judgements further to:

First angel – Hail and fire burn a third of all trees and grass.

Second angel – Large meteorite falls into sea, third of all fish die and ships perish

Third angel – Comet Wormwood ‘s toxic dust destroys a third of all water sources,masses of dying.

Fourth angel – a third of the sun, moon and stars are obscure.


Revelation 9 (Great tribulation)

Fifth angel – Meteorite hits earth, makes a hole and lets millions of demons out that torture the people 5 months long.

Sixth angel – 200 Million Chinese soldiers invade Europe/Israel and kills 2 billion people (See Joel 2 v 1-11, Deut 28 v 49-50)

Revelation 10 (Great tribulation)

a Sealed booklet – when the seventh angel blow the kingdom of earth is given to Jesus! (Rev 11 v 15, Dan 7 v 13-14)

Revelation 11 (Great tribulation)

Moses and Elijah return with glorified bodies with supernatural strength and take service together with the 144 000 Jews! The seventh angel blow! An announcement from heaven that the world is the property of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ! (Dan 7 v 13-14)

Revelation 12 (Great tribulation)

Prophetic events: Jacob’s 12 sons, Maria pregnant with Jesus, Satan with a third of the angels cast out of heaven. Jesus is crucified – Israel flees to Petrain the desert for three and a half years (See Matt 24 v 16-28)

Revelation 13 (Great tribulation)

  1. Satan gives the antichrist great power over all people, languages and nations.The antichrist enter war against the christians (5 unwise virgins) and conquer them (Rev 12 v 11, Dan 7 v 21)
  2. The false prophet (Catholic church – Rev 17 + 18) looks like a lamb but talk like a dragon.This false church duped millions of Christians to take the 666 mark(Satan’s number,666)


Revelation 14 (Great tribulation)

  1. The 144 000 Jews are carried away by Jesus to heaven: Three angels proclaim the gospel for the last time to all nations, tribes, people and languages.
  2. Description of the battle of Armageddon, horses up to their bridles in blood 320 km far (See Rev 19 v 11-21, Zech 14 v 1-21 , Ezekiel 38 en 39)

Revelation 15 (Great tribulation)

Seven angels with seven scales or bowls full of God’s fury announces God’s final judgements!


Revelation 16 (Great tribulation)

First angel – Evil sores on the people

Second angel – Sea turns into blood, everything in the sea dies

Third angel – Rivers and water fountains turn into blood

Fourth angel – The sun sear the people with great heat (Isaiah 30 v 26)

Fifth angel – The antichrist’s kingdom is ruined

Sixth angel – The Euphrates dries up so that the huge Oriental army can get through for the battle of Armageddon.

Seventh angel – a Massive world-wide earthquake, all cities fall, mountains and islands disappear.


Revelation 17 en 18 (Great tribulation)

God brings the Catholic church into judgement over their century old directed godlessness.

Revelation 19

  1. The wedding of the Lamb in heaven
  2. Jesus’ public arrival – battle of Armageddon


Revelation 20

Satan is bound for a thousand years!

Jesus reigns as the Prince of peace for a 1000 years on earth (Isaiah 11 v 1-9. Zech 14 v 9).We reign with Him as kings on earth (Rev 5 v 10)

Satan is dissolved – seduced masses – Earth burns (2 Peter 3 v 5-10)

The White Throne Judgement (Judgement day)


Revelation 21

God recreates everything – New heaven/New earth with the New Jerusalem as the place of residence of Jesus with His bride.


Revelation 22

God’s final warnings and promises!

5x close/ before the door

God’s servants rule until all eternity


               WHAT A PRIVILEGE – ARE YOU READY!!!

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