The Jezebel – Spirit



And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free! (John 8v32)


  1. Question: Who were present in Eden during the creation?

God (Joh 1v1-3), Jesus (Joh 1v9-10), Holy Spirit (Gen 1v2) and Lucifer (Ezek 28v13)

  1. Question: How did Lucifer look, what was his title and mission?

He was beautiful, a cherub, a god, the morning star, son of the nowadays (Ezek 28v12-15)

  1. Question: How clever was Lucifer?

Very, very clever (Ezek 28v3-5)

  1. Question: Is he as Satan today just as clever?

So much the worse plus maximum cunning and slyness (Rev 13v3 (b), Rev 20v7-8)

  1. Question: When was Lucifer banned from heaven and why?

A while after the creation due to pride and unrighteousness because he wanted to place himself on the same level as God (Ezek 28v17-18, Isaiah 13v10-15)

  1. Question: How did Adam & Eve look?

Little more than divine beings, crowned with honour and glory (Ps 8v6, Immortal (Gen 2v17)


  1. Question: What is the so – called Jezebel – spirit?

The Jezebel – spirit synonym is: spirit of disobedience and rebellion. This is derived from the wicked King Ahab’s equally wicked wife Jezebel (1 Kings 16v29-34).Disobedient and in total rebellion against God’s order, commands and commandments (Rev 12v1-17)

  1. Question: Where & when did this spirit develop?

When Lucifer wanted to raise himself up into the 3rd heaven to God and he was cast out, it became his nr1 priority to oppose God in every area in rebellion and to destroy God’s laws and order (Ps 2v2-3).To make a mockery of God’s creation in Gen 1&2.

(Big Bang experiment “CERN” Genève-Switzerland, the big Hadron Collider- was tested in September 2015)

666 versus 777- darkness against light (Matt 24v7) to eliminate God’s order: God-Jesus-man-woman-child.His primary end goal, the destruction of all moral values and standards, marriages and in particular – the bride of Christ. To that end to promote his own kingdom with the antichrist as king (Isaiah 10v7-14) and to defeat Jesus Christ and His army at the battle of Armageddon (Rev 16v16, Rev 19v11-21) and to raise himself as “God”.

  1. Question: How does Satan wants to reach his goal?

He uses normal people with common and simple methods and situations that crosses our paths every day. Hence he started 6000years ago with Adam and Eve, the biggest and the most successfull onslaught under our eyes today being eroticism (sexual-pornographic-social media)

  1. Question: Who has the Jezebel-spirit?

It is in the genes of all the people, men and woman, young and old, in the past, the present and the future and will only disappear during the creation of the new heaven and new earth(Rev 21v1-5)NB!!! Prophesy indicates that this spirit will be manifested massively in both men and women before Jesus’s coming (Hosea 4v6, 2 Tim 3v1-5, Isaiah 3v12, Isaiah 3v16-24, Isaiah 24v1-6)

  1. Question: How and what are genes?

The human cell exist of a core with 46 chromosomes and chromosome threads (chromatids) whereupon the genes are. In this genes your hereditary characteristics are found (genetics) (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).The chromosome number in this cell will indicate what you are – a human, sheep, ox etc.

The current worldwide manipulation of food, plants, animals & humans, as well as cloning is a massive end time rebellion against God and His creation that had its roots already in (Gen 11v1-6).

  1. Question: Does God also have genes?

Yes we are created in His image.

  1. Question: What is on the genes of God?

Love, grace etc. (Gal 5v22)

  1. Question: Did Lucifer have genes?

Yes- God created him with enormous wisdom and beauty, the morning star, son of the nowadays.

  1. Question: What genes are there now visible in Satan?

Hatred, rebellion and destruction (Rev 13v1-10, Gal 5v19-21)

  1. Question: When and how did the human genetics change from total innocence and immortality (Gen 2v22-25) to rebellion and disobedience?

6000 years ago using brain manipulation in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve become the 1st 2 people being brainwashed and deceived (Word technique – fictional words) (2 Pet 2v1-3)

  1. Question: What is brain washed or brain manipulation?

Your brain via your subconscious mind(small brain-thought) subtle and cunningly manipulated to move from one thought patron(view) to another understanding. For example child-murder becomes abortion, theft becomes corruption, prostitute becomes companion, burning of corpse becomes cremation etc.

  1. Question: What is genetics?

It is your total heredity package – how you look, how you think, talents, preferences, dislikes,intelligence, how you reason etc.

  1. Question: What really happened in Paradise?

God’s history of salvation with the human race extend over 7000 years (Gen 2v1-3, 2 Peter 3v5-8) the population is at present over 7 billion. The 7 years gets divided into 7 dispensations

  1. Dispensation of Adam and Eve 2.Dispensation of conscience 3.Dispensation of Law- (Exodus 20) 4. Dispensation of grace- (Jesus church period – 2000 years) Mark 16v15-16 5.Dispensation of the great tribulation – Matt 24v21, Dan 12v1)

JEWISH DISPENSATION of  7 YEARS – because they crucified  Jesus and – due to the words “let His Blood come on us & our children”. God shortens the time (Matt 24v22) 6.Dispensation of peace kingdom – 1000 years – (Isaiah 11v1-9, Sabbath Heb 4v9, honeymoon – Rev20v4-6) 7. Dispensation of the new Heaven/Earth Jerusalem for eternity

  1. Question: How did Satan achieve to so easily mislead Adam and Eve and the end time church of Laodicea’s?

Satan’s genetics is –he is the father of all lies, highly intelligent (cunning) and super sly and underhand (Lucifer – Ezk 28v2).Satan can change his appearance in seconds depending on the situation for example a devil, snake, dragon or even an angel of the light (2 Cor 11v14-15).In the garden of Eden Satan chooses to disguise himself as a snake and starts to communicate with this 2 inoccent,unsuspecting people to ARGUE and asks “Is it really true” (Gen 3v1).He begins directly with brain manipulation and Eve because of previous answer, replies with another lie (not allowed to touch the tree) whereupon Satan answers with another lie – you’ll definitely not die (Gen 3v4)after which both Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit.

  1. Question: What happened to Adam and Eve directly after they have eaten the forbidden fruit?

The moment they ate the fruit both of them lost their glorified, immortal bodies and they receive Satan’s corrupt genetics (John 8v44) in their genes- a spirit of falsehood, spirit of rebellion, spirit of disobedience, manslaughter,(Cain/Abel),spirit of jealous, spirit of denial that manifests in all generations in all the people.

  1. Question: What happened next?

God calls out to man – where are you? What did you do? Immediately Satan’s spirit of falsehood manifested in denial in both Adam and Eve! It is not me (just think back at what you said when traffic cop stopped you with you speeding!)

God’s lawsuit follows:

  • Adam’s punishment – 94 words
  • Eve’s punishment – 29 words
  • Snake’s punishment – 67 words
  1. Question: What is the seed of Satan?

1/3 fallen angels are demons and devils (Rev 12v3-4) + the antichrist (2 Thess 2v3-9, John 2v18)

  1. Question: What is the seed of the woman? (Israel – Rev 12v1)

Israel, Jesus Christ and all the Christians through the ages (Rev 12v17)

  1. Question: Why will the snake bite your heel?

He is sly, back biter, coward, underhand – always comes from behind.

  1. Question: Did only man’s genetics changed in Eden?

No, also the plants and animals because of God’s curse. Multitude of fishes and animals become carnivores (NB!!! Curses are forbid by Jesus because it can cause catastrophic consequences and can last a lifetime. Jesus and the fig tree – Mark 11v12-26.Noah curses Ham son Canaan! (Gen 9v25, 29) Bloodline curses

  1. Questions: How does the Jezebel – spirit manifest in women?

Satan has used many methods. In God’s word there are many references where he manipulated woman to discredit God’s actions and mocks it, for example Potiphar’s wife with Joseph (Gen 39v12) Abraham – Sarai with Hagar (Gen 16v1-4) Rebecca turns Jacob into a lair (Gen 27v11-24) Samson & Delilah (Judges 16) David with Bathsheba (2 Sam 11v1-5) Michal – wife of David (2 Sam 6v16) Salomon with 700 wives and 300 concubines (Kings 11v3-9). King Ahab and Jezebel(Nebot – priest of Baal – Elia)(1 Kings 16v29-34) consequently he is going to deceive a multitude of women through women’s rights primary in the end time ,sin rebellion against God order and from 1960 up to today we have a lot of new words under the banner of democracy. During this time women began wearing pants.


Massive word manipulation starts occurring.

A whore gets called a prostitute.

A whore-house changes to female companion club.

A whore with which you can fornicate changes to companion.

Theft changes to corruption.

Child  murder changes to abortion.

Sodomy becomes gay, naked men/woman =pornography

Extramarital intercourse becomes sex

One world order becomes Globalisation

Sms, Facebook, twitter, G.S.P.S, whatsapp, www,google, Skype and everyone starts to use this naturally (Rev 13v3)

Latest addition – social media – deadliest snare (Luke 21v35)

  1. Question: What is the so called “social media”?

All forms of modern technology, in particular FACEBOOK. Bibles are being rewritten with massive changes, omissions and additions (Gen 2v18)”woman as man’s helper” gets changed to “women and men are equal”. Female form of address disappear, women starts to wrestle, box, play soccer, rugby, becomes soldiers, police, women in church positions and government positions (Isaiah 3v12-13)Massive spirit of pornography and women temptations (Isaiah 3v16-24), immorality ascends, marriages collapse by thousands, couples stay together (1 Tim 4v3).Women’s rights are being blown bigger by the United Nations in subtle rebellion against God (Ps 2v2-3) to bring homemakers out of the homes and to get to their children staying home alone. A massive spirit of world materialism begins (James 5v1-5)

  1. Question: Why did Satan find it so easy to cancerate mankind?

He uses his age – old technique of lies through brain washing – the onslaught on your thoughts- through replacing words with more acceptable ones, example democracy – it is your right – while everything must be seen as a privilege and he brain washes the whole world, all governments, religions and in particular the whole Christendom – preachers and church members (2 Tim 3v1-5) to follow his dirty and sly rebellious methods.

  1. Question: How does today’s church members look? Read – (2 Tim 3v1-5)

How does today’s preachers look? Read – (2 Tim 4v3-4)

What does today’s preacher preach? Read – (2 Peter 2v1-3)

What is God going to do with today’s preachers and church members?

Read – (Rev 3v14-19)

  1. Question: What does the word democracy means?

It simple means: The people rule by implication the child rules the house, the children rule the school, the church member rules the church.

  1. Question: How does God’s order look like?

1 – Agape/ 2- Storge/ 3-Phileo/ 4-Eros!

1.God’s Agape love for humans/2.Storge love – love between man & woman & child/3.Phileo love – love for spiritual brothers and sisters/4.Eros love – Sexual love between man and woman.

  1. Question: How does Satan’s order look?

1 – Eros/ 2 – Phileo/ 3 – Storge/ 4 – Agape!

  1. Everything is erotic – pornographic and full of sex/
  2. Phileo love – worldly drinking brothers can’t wait for weekends to drink together and fornicate/
  3. Storge love – this love barely exist anymore between man and woman – millions get divorced/
  4. Agape love – love for God and His Word in the family is non-existent only still in dictionaries.
  1. Question: How does the Jezebel – spirit manifest today in men?

At present the world is preparing for the biggest tradegy ever, because of Satan’s rebellion and underhand methods against God and the people’s Adamite spirit of not paying attention and responding (men – Hosea 4v6) It will be shortly conducted – and inevitable the 70th year week of Daniel begins- Daniel 9v27 (the great tribulation of 7 years) during which 7,2 billion people (Isaiah 24v1-6) are going to die with the antichrist the son of perdition (2 Thes 2v1-10) the biggest despot, dictator and people murderer in control.

  1. Question: Can you as a man and woman protect and secure yourself against this worldwide spirit of Jezebel, with its spiritual and moral decay?

TAKE NOTE !!! There is only one recipe: TO KEEP IT ACCORDING TO GOD’s WORD!

(Ps119v9 and Prov 3v1-10)

STAY IN GOD’S ORDER! (1 Cor 11v3)

FOLLOW HIS GUIDELINES! (Eph 6v10-18 & Gal 5v16-26)


God’s promise to every man and family that is faithful and stays obedient (Ps 128v1-6)

God’s promise to every man and family that is unfaithful and disobedient! (Hosea 4v6)



Be watchful because Satan walks around like a roaring lion to see who he can devour!!!

1 Peter 5v8


MARANTHA   –     KEEP AT IT     –     FEW DAYS LEFT !!!



En julle sal die waarheid ken – hierdie waarheid sal julle vrymaak! (Joh. 8 v.32)


1.         Vraag:            Wie was almal teenwoordig in Eden met die skepping?

God (Joh. 1 v 1-3), Jesus (Joh. 1 v 9-10), Heilige Gees (Gen. 1 v 2),  Lucifer (Esg. 28 v 13).

2.         Vraag:            Hoe het Lucifer gelyk, wat was sy titel en roeping?

Hy was beeldskoon, ‘n gerub, ‘n god, die morester, seun van die dageraad. (Esg. 28 v 12-15)

3.         Vraag:            Hoe slim was Lucifer?

            Baie, baie slim. (Esg. 28 v 3-5)

4.         Vraag:            Is hy vandag as satan nog so slim?

            Nog erger plus maksimale slu en onderduimsheid. (Opb. 13 v 3 (b)  Opb. 20 v 7-8)

5.         Vraag:            Wanneer is satan uit die hemel gewerp en hoekom?

‘n Hele tyd na die skepping, a.g.v hoogmoed en ongeregtigheid omdat hy hom aan God wou gelykstel.  (Esg. 28 v 17-18) en (Jes. 13 v 10-15)

6.         Vraag:            Hoe het Adam en Eva gelyk?

            ‘n Weinig minder as ‘n goddelike wese, gekroon met eer en met heerlikheid.

(Psm 8 v 6) Onsterflik (Gen. 2 v 17)


1)         Vraag:            Wat is die sogenaamde Jesebelgees?

Die Jesebelgees se sinoniem is;  gees van ongehoorsaamheid en rebellie.  Dit word afgelei van die goddelose koning Agab se ewe goddelose vrou Isébel. (1 Kon. 16 v 29 – 24) Ongehoorsaam en in rebellie teen God se orde en bevele.

2)         Vraag:            Waar en wanneer het hierdie gees ontstaan?

Toe Lucifer hom in die derde hemel wou verhef tot God en hy uitgewerp is, het dit sy no. 1 prioriteit geword om God op alle gebiede teen te staan in rebellie en God se wette en orde te vernietig (Psm. 2 v 2-3) God se skepping soos in Gen. 1 en 2 tot ‘n bespotting te maak.

(Big Bang eksperiment “ CERN” Geneve – Switserland, the big Hadron Colider – word Septembermaand getoets) 666 v/s 777 duisternis teen lig (Mat. 24 v 7). God se orde:  God – Jesus – man – vrou – kind te elemineer.  Sy primêre einddoel, die verwoesting van alle morele waardes en standaarde, huwelike en inbesonder- die bruid van Christus.  Sy eie koningkryk met die antichris as koning (Jes. 10 v 7-14) daar te stel en Jesus Christus met sy leërs te verslaan met die slag van Armagéddon, hom daarna as “God” te verhef.

3)         Vraag:            Maar hoe wil satan sy doel bereik?

Hy gebruik gewone mense met gewone en die eenvoudigste metodes en situasies wat elke dag ons paaie kruis.  Derhalwe het hy reeds 6000 jaar gelede by Adam en Eva begin.

4)         Vraag:            By wie kom die Jesebelgees voor?

Dit kom op die gene van alle mense, mans en vroue, jonk en oud, in die verlede, die hede en die toekoms voor en verdwyn eers tydens die skepping van die nuwe hemel en die nuwe aarde.  (Opb. 21 v 1-5) NB!!! Profesieë toon egter aan dat hierdie gees massief in beide mans en vroue gaan manifesteer voor Jesus se koms. (Hosea 4 v 6, 2 Tim. 3 v 1-5, Jes. 3 v 12, Jes. 3 v 16-24 en Jes. 24 v 1-6).

5)         Vraag:            Hoe en wat is gene?

Die menslike sel bestaan uit ‘n kern met 46 chromosome en chromosoom drade (chromotides) waarop daar gene voorkom.  Op hierdie gene kom jou oorerflikheids eienskappe voor (genetika). (Die appel val nie ver van die boom af nie).  Die chromosoom getal in hierdie sel bepaal wat jy is – ‘n mens, ‘n skaap, bees ens.  Die huidige wêreldwye genetiese manipulering van voedsel, plante, diere en mense, ook klonering is ‘n massiewe eindtyd rebelering teen God en sy skepping wat sy wortel reeds by (Gen. 11 v 1-6) het.

6)         Vraag:            Het Lucifer gene gehad?

Ja – God  het hom geskape met enorme wysheid en skoonheid, die morester, seun van die dageraad.

7)         Vraag:            Watter gene kom nou op Satan voor?

            Haat, rebellie en verwoesting.  (Opb. 13 v 1-10), (Gal. 5 v 19-21)

8)      Vraag:            Wanneer en hoe het die menslike genetiese verandering van

                                    totale onskuld en onsterflikheid (Gen. 2 v 22-25) verander na

                                    rebellie en ongehoorsaamheid?

6000 Jaar gelede met breinmanipulasie in die tuin van Eden het Adam en Eva die eerste twee mense geword wat gebreinspoel en mislei was.  (Woordetegniek – verdigte woorde) (2 Petr. 2 v 1-3)

9)      Vraag:            Wat is breinmanipulering of breinspoel?

Jou brein via jou onderbewusyn (kleinbrein) (denke) word subtiel en slu gemanipuleer om van een denkrigting (sienswyse) na ander verstaan van of denkrigting oor te gaan, bv. kindermoord word aborsie, diefstal word korrupsie, hoer word ‘n gesellin ens.

10)      Vraag:            Wat is genetika?

Dit is jou totale oorerwingspakket – hoe jy lyk, hoe jy dink, talente, voorkeure, afkeure, intelligensie vlak, hoe jy redeneer ens.

11)      Vraag:            Maar wat het werklik in die paradys gebeur?

God se heilsgeskiedenis met die mensdom strek net oor 7 duisend jaar (Gen. 2 v1-3) / 2 Petr. 3 v 5-8) (bevolking is tans net oor 7 biljoen).  Die 7 duisend jaar word opgedeel in 7 dispensasies nl. (1) dispensasie van Adam en Eva (onskuld), (2) dispensasie van die gewete, (3) dispensasie van die Wet – Exodus 20, (4) dispensasie van genade – (Jesus – kerkperiode – 2000 jr, Markus 16 v 15-16), (5) dispensasie van die groot verdrukking (Matt. 24 v 21, Dan. 12 v1) Joodse dispensasie – 7 jaar – kruisiging van Jesus – laat sy Bloed op ons en ons kinders kom, Mat 27:25 (God verkort die tyd tot 7 jaar),

(6) dispensasie van die vrederyk (1000 jaar – Jes. 11 v 1-9, Sabbat Hebr. 4 v 9, wittebrood – Opb. 20 v 4-6), (7) dispensasie van die Nuwe Hemel/ aarde Jerusalem tot in ewigheid. Opb 21.)

12)      Vraag:            Maar hoe het satan dit reggekry om Adam en Eva (en die

                                    eindtydkerk van Laodisie) so maklik te mislei?

Satan se “genetika” is –  hy is die vader van alle leuens, hoogs intelligent (listiger) en super uitgeslape en onderduims (Lucifer – Esg. 28 v 2). Satan is bymagte om sy

voorkoms in ‘n sekonde te verander volgens sy situasie, bv. ‘n duiwel, ‘n slang, ‘n draak Opb 12:9 of selfs as ‘n engel van die lig. 2 Kor 11:14-15 In die tuin van Eden kies satan om hom as een van die diere- ‘n slang te  vermom en begin in leuentaal met hierdie 2 onskuldige, niks vermoedende mense met n leuen te REDENEER en vra; “is dit ook so”

(Gen. 3 v1) en begin hy direk met breinmanipulering en Eva, a.g.v laasgenoemde antwoord terug in ‘n leuen (mag nie aan die boom raak nie) waarop satan weer met ‘n leuen terug antwoord – julle sal gewis nie sterwe nie (Gen. 3 v 4) waarna beide Eva en Adam van die verbode vrugte eet.

13)      Vraag:            Wat het met Adam en Eva gebeur die oomblik toe hulle van die

                                    verbode vrugte ge-eet het?

            Die oomblik toe hulle daarvan eet verloor beide hul verheerlikte onsterflike liggame,

            en word van satan se verdorwe genetika (Joh. 8 v 44) op hul gene oorgedra, o.a ‘n

            leuengees, gees van rebellie, gees van ongehoorsaamheid, doodslag (Kain/Abel)

gees van jaloesie, gees van ontkenning, ens. wat regdeur alle geslagte in alle mense manifesteer.

14)      Vraag:            Wat het hierna gebeur?

            God roep na die mens – waar is jy?  Wat het julle gedoen?  Onmiddelik manifesteer

satan se leuengees van ontkenning in beide Adam en Eva!  Dis nie ek nie! (NB wat doen jy self wanneer n verkeersbeampte jou a.g.v. spoed stop.)

God se hofsaak volg;

  • ·         Adam se straf            –           94 woorde
  • ·         Eva se straf               –           29 woorde
  • ·         Slang se straf           –           67 woorde

15)      Vraag:            Wat is die saad van satan?

            ⅓ gevalle engele is demone en duiwels. (Opb. 12 v 3-4) plus die antichrist. (2 Thes. 2 v 3-9

            en 1 Joh. 2 v 18)

16)      Vraag:            Wat is die saad van die vrou?

            Jesus Christus en alle christene deur die eeue.  (Opb. 12 v 17)

17)      Vraag:            Hoekom gaan die slang jou by jou hakskeen byt?

            Hy is slu, agterbaks, onderduims, lafhartig – kom altyd van agter af.

18)      Vraag:            Het net die mens se genetika in Eden verander?

            Nee ook die van die plante en diere as gevolg van God se vervloeking.  Massas visse en diere

            het karnifore geword.  (NB! Vervloekings word deur Jesus verbied, want dit kan katastrofiese

gevolge hê en geslagte lank duur!) Jesus en die vyeboom – Markus 11 v 12-26, Noag vervloek Gam se seun Kanaan! (Gen. 9 v 25,29), (Bloedlynvloeke)

19)      Vraag:            Hoe manifesteer die Jesebelgees in vroue?

Satan het legio metodes.  In God se woord is daar verskeie verwysings waar hy vroue gemanipuleer het om God se saak te diskrediteer en te bespot bv. Potifar se vrou met Josef

(Gen. 39 v 12) Abraham – Sarai en Hagar (Gen. 16 v 1-4) Rebekka maak Jakob ‘n bedrieër (Gen. 27 v 11-24) Simson en Delila (Rigters 16) Dawid met Batseba (2 Sam. 11 v 1-5) Migal – vrou van Dawid (2 Sam. 6 v16) Salomo met 700 vroue en 300 byvroue (1 Kon. 11 v 3-9)

Koning Agab en Isebel (Nabot – Baalpriesters – Elia) (1 Kon. 16 v 29-34) derhalwe gaan hy massas vroue d.m.v vroueregte primêr in die eindtyd misbruik in rebellie teen God se orde en kry ons vanaf 1960 ‘n klomp nuwe woorde onder die vaandel van demokrasie en begin vroue in hierdie tyd almal spontaan lang broeke dra!

            ‘n Hoer vrou word ‘n prostituut genoem.

            ‘n Hoerhuis word ‘n bordeel of gesellinklub genoem.

            ‘n Hoer waarmee jy kan gaan hoereer word ‘n gesellin.

            Diefstal word korrupsie genoem.

            Kindermoord word aborsie genoem.

            ‘n Sodomie word gay genoem, naakte mans/vroue = pornografie.

            Buite egtelike geslagsomgang word seks genoem.

            Een wêreld orde word globalisering genoem.

Sms, faceboek, twitter, G.S.P.S, whatsapp, w.w.w, google, skype en almal begin spontaan hierdie fasaliteite en terme te gebruik.  (Opb. 13 v 3)

            Nuutste byvoeging –              Social Media – dodelikste strikke (Luk. 21 v 35)

20)      Vraag:            Wat is die sg. Social Media?

            Alle vorme van moderne tegnologie inbesonder facebook.  Bybels word herskryf met massa

veranderings, weglatings en toevoegings. (Gen. 2 v 18) “vrou as hulp vir die man” word vervang met “ vrou as die gelyke van die man”.  Vroulike aanspreekvorms verdwyn, vroue begin stoei, boks, sokker, rugby, soldate, polisie, vroue in kerklike ampte en regeringsposte. (Jes. 3 v 12-13) Massiewe gees van pornografie en vroue verleidings (Jes. 3 v 16-24) inmoraliteit stryg ten hemele, huwelike vou by duisende, paartjies bly saam (1 Tim. 4 v 3). Vroueregte word regoor die wêreld deur satan se werktuig, die United Nations aangeblaas in subtiele rebellie teen God (Psm. 2 v 2-3) om vrouens (tuisteskeppers) uit die huis te kry en die kinders aan hom uitgelewer te kry.  ‘n Massiewe gees van wêreldse materialisme begin.

(Jak. 5 v 1-5)

21)      Vraag:            Waarom het satan dit so maklik reggekry om die mensdom te verkanker?

Hy gebruik sy eeu-oue tegniek van leuens deur breinspoeling – die aanslag op jou denke – deur woorde te vervang bv. demokrasie – dis jou reg – terwyl alles ‘n voorreg is en hy breinspoel die hele wêreld, ook alle regerings, gelowe en in besonder die hele Christendom – predikers en lidmate (2Tim 4:3-4, 2 Tim. 3 v 1-5) om sy vuil en agterbakse rebelerende metodes te volg.

22)      Vraag:            Hoe lyk menig kerklidmate vandag? (2 Tim. 3 v 1-5)

                                 Hoe lyk menig predikers vandag? (2 Tim. 4 v 3-4)

                                    Wat preek menig predikers vandag? (2 Petr. 2 v1-3)

                                    Wat gaan God met hierdie predikers en lidmate doen? (Opb. 3 v 14-19)

23)      Vraag:            Wat beteken demokrasie?

Die beteken eenvoudig; Die volk regeer, by implikasie die kind regeer die huis, die kinders regeer die skool, die lidmate regeer die kerk, ens.

24)      Vraag:            Hoe lyk God sy orde, en satan se orde vandag?

God se orde:            1 –  Agape    2 –  Storge   3  –  Philio    4  –  Eros !       (God-man/vrou – broeder – seksueel)

Satan se orde:         1 –  Eros       2 –  Philio     3  –  Storge  4  –  Agape !    (Seksueel – pelle – man/vrou – God)


Die wêreld word tans a.g.v satan se rebellie en onderduimse metodes teen God en die mense se Adamiese gees van nie ag-gee en op te tree (mans – Hosea 4 v 6) voorberei vir die grootste tragedie wat die wêreld nog ooit geken het, binnekort ingelei – en onvermydelik breek die 70ste jaarweek van Daniël 9 v 27 (die groot verdrukking) aan waartydens bykans 6.5 biljoen mense (Jes. 24 v 1-6) gaan sterf met die antichrist as die seun van die verderf (2 Thes. 2 v 1-10) die grootste despoot, diktator en mense moordenaar.

25)      Vraag:            Kan jy as man of vrou in hierdie kritieke tye beskerm en vrywaar van

                                    hierdie wêreldwye gees van Jesebel, met sy geestelike en morele verval?

            NB! NB! NB!  Daar is net een resep:  Deur dit te hou volgens God se woord!

(Psm. 119 v 9 en Spr. 3 v 1-10)

Bly in God se orde! (1 Kor. 11 v 3)

Volg sy riglyne na! (Efs. 6 v 10-18 en Gal. 5 v 16-26)

God se belofte aan elke man en gesin wat getrou en gehoorsaam bly! (Psm. 128 v 1-6)

God se straf aan elke man en gesin wat ontrou en ongehoorsaam is! (Hosea 4 v 6)

Kies vandag – tyd het uitgeloop – beseringstyd bykans op !!!

Wees waaksaam want satan loop rond soos ‘n brullende leeu en hy kyk wie hy kan verslind !!!

1 Petrus 5 v 8

Maranatha – vasbyt – min dae !!!