Hein van den Berg – Personal Testimony – To the Glory of God!





Saturday 25 August 1958 – Saturday 25 August 2018

                                      60 Years of eschatology (second coming teachings)


Saturday the 25thof August 2018on my 75thBirthday, it was exactly 60 yearsago while I was in a hospital in Zeerust, at half past 4, that Holy Abba Father gave to me His biggest presentwhen He opened my spiritual eyes and ears according to Matt 13v11 and v16, to be able to read and understand the hidden concealments. After this the most astronomical spiritual journey of dreams, miracles, revelations and prayer journeys that changed my life for time and eternity. Therefore there is no way that I can use words in any language on earth that can convey to the Holy Abba Father King and Lord of my life the necessary and due praise, honour and worship. All the languages of the world are just too insufficient, but I want to praise and worship our Holy Lord that I will sincerely do with my glorified body somewhere in the future and to do this for all eternity.

On Saturday 25 August 2018 exactly 60 years ago I was in a hospital in Zeerust, after I smoked raw tobacco at the age of 15 years as my father being a tobacco farmer and my family came to visit me. At that stage we were very poor and my biggest desire was a bicycle and needless to say, very big was my disappointment when they gave me a brand new Bible; not knowing at that moment that it will be the biggest present I’ll ever receive and what followed thereafter no money in the world could buy.

After visiting hours I took my Bible and the Holy Spirit opened it up for me at Matthew 24 at the signs of the times and I read it through with interest. Later on I took the Bible and the Holy Spirit opened it at Revelation 13 where satan, the antichrist and the false prophet are described and drew my attention towards verse 16-18, the 666 mark of the beast. Thereafter the Holy Abba Father started teaching me over the years His complete prophetic promise of salvation to mankind and in particular about His nation Israel – at present a full 60 years! What a Godly privilege and so much undeserved grace, all the honour goes to our Holy God.

Because satan has foreknowledge – just like during Jesus’s birth when he provoked Herodes to kill the new-born Child (Matthew 2v13) – just like that he tried to kill me in my mother’s womb. Thereafter he tried to kill me at various opportunities so that I could not fulfil the big responsibilities and callings that Holy Abba Father had in store for me. Due to our poverty and in the middle of the 2ndWorld War and having 2 children already, my mother tried to abort me. It was unsuccessful and after my birth I became deadly sick and turned at death’s door. After that as an infant I almost drowned in a water-furrow. One evening on my way home me and my parents almost landed with our car in front of a hasten train. At the age of 8, I rode with my bicycle over a motor bridge, fell off and was unconscious for 5 hours, where vehicles almost drove over me. After that I got attacked and stung by wasps on my neck on my uncle’s farm while being allergic to it. My throat became swollen and I couldn’t breathe and almost died. On another occasion older naughty kids threw me into a farm dam and I almost drowned because I can’t swim.

At the age of 9 on Christmas day at Twyfelspoort, on my uncle’s farm, while my parents were busy with a picnic near a river, I almost drowned again. Later on, with my parents being away, I drank medicine that I was allergic to and almost died. One time I sat on the back of my father’s tractor and at Groot Marico station my father took a sharp turn and I lost my balance and got flung of and landed between the tractor tyre and the fender and missed a certain death with one second. As a 10 year old, on old year’s eve at my father’s work’s yearend function, satan incited me to drank glasses of “mampoer” where I lost my conscious for 12 hours. One day on a straw heap in Groot Marico satan urged me on to make a backflip and I almost broke my neck. One night as a 16 year old – without a license – in the main street of Nigel, we diced with motorbikes and I escaped death again. In December 1961 I rode with my bicycle in the heat of the day from Groot Marico to Swartruggens and my back tyre burst at 115k/ph and stripped off my skin. As a 17 year old on my way to Pretoria; between Groot Marico and Swartruggens on a long bend, satan incited me to dice with one of my school acquaintances while my brakes were very poor – unknowingly of a big herd of cattle in front of us in the road – again I escaped death by millimetres. Further on, right throughout my life, there were so many assaults on my life that failed every time because of one crucial reason – if God calls you and He points His Finger at you, hell’s flames won’t scorch you. Who can prevent it? Thousand times NO ONE! Hallelujah, Amen and Amen!!!

The difficult times in my life– For me as a toddler it was very, very difficult because of the fact that we were extremely poor and the worst of all were the people looking down on us. No one really knew what the true reason behind it was and we were not allowed to tell anyone. My father was a qualified cabinet and furniture maker in Johannesburg with a good position, until my grandmother called him to the farm, to receive the farm as inheritance, and to farm. His older brother was a preacher that in the meantime became an attorney and with a scheme turned his mother’s testament in favour of himself. At my grandmother’s funeral he read her testament stating him as the heir and we were in less than 2 days without anything, under a tree where we stayed for a couple of days while his wife mocked us – “Yes, enjoy the picnic under the tree.” After that we stayed for 7 weeks in a tobacco warehouse with cowing floors while my dad build us a small 3 room house with the minimum supplies. My father was dismayed and never really recovered and never attended church again or told us about Jesus or read the Bible. The result of this was that I grew up with an inferiority complex until much later in my life. I had to wear patched clothes, without shoes or underpants in the coldest winters and warmest summers, walked kilometres to school, went through dustbins for stationery or erasers, no sandwiches, no suitcase. I had to collect bottles and bones to sell it for some money, begged for coal from passing-by trains, walked kilometres along the train tracks to collect coal to make fire. I was mocked and was embarrassed. My father’s brother tortured me and due to this I had a serious degree of nyctophobia and whatever goes with it. These are just a few incidents.


Today at the ripe age of 75 years and with spiritual maturity, I realise that Holy Abba Father prepared me already as a toddler to have empathy with the poor and especially the underprivileged children. During my child- and teenage years I dreamed so many dreams, fantasized and desired to one day have a nice house, drive a red sports car, and have many beautiful things. Unknown to me, that all of that, and a lot more was waiting around the corner. Little did I know that one day I would stay in a beautiful house and will drive through the streets of Witbank in my red sports car and my daughter will be crowned as queen with her two princesses and much, much more. All the honour and glory goes to our Holy Abba Father!!!

My most difficult commissions– when Holy Abba Father tells me to warn preachers, pastors and also doctors and it is also very difficult to warn family members and loved ones.

Spiritual landmarks–Notwithstanding the above, I knew from day one that I was totally different from my two brothers and four sisters. I thought different than them and also experienced things differently. Also as a toddler I had the funniest “spiritual” experiences that I could not explain to anyone. At the age of 11 in Durban with a group of underprivileged children, I gave my heart to Jesus. On Saturday the 25thAugust 1958 at age 15 I receive a new Bible, and then the Holy Abba Father started teaching me the end time prophesies. On the 9thOctober 1965 I married Annatjie (Wolmarans) the woman that the Father picked for me, truly a’ Proverb 31 virtuous woman whose values are far beyond corals,’ and 2 beautiful children Hein jnr and Jackoline, presents from heaven were born for us. We brought them up in the fear of the Lord. Later on we got 5 beautiful grandchildren (3 daughters with their husbands and 2 sons that are still unmarried).

Early in 1990 on a Sunday morning in our room I got baptized powerfully with the Holy Spirit and Holy Abba Father changes my life for time and eternity in one second and I began to understand prophesy end time Scriptures and I started to inform and warn Christians, timely and untimely, about the end times. During one occasion Holy Abba Father send me a dove with a message that I must totally clean myself from self-praise (myself) so that the Holy Spirit can full me with His fullness. Several miracles, assignments and prayer journeys followed and on the 2ndJanuary 2005 during my prayer time, Father gave me the instruction to send out information that He will dictate to me to all the Afrikaans speaking churches in South Africa, where after He is going to close my mouth for a period that He will determine. Various information pamphlets and flyers for example: ‘Why and how come all the why’s and how’s now?’, ‘Hypercritical warning – Jesus’s second coming is imminent,’ ‘Do you have enough oil child of God?’ ‘Do you hear the trumpets, child of God?’ ‘Laodicea – the end time church’, ‘2008 – a Godly Warning,’ ‘The great whore of Babylon’and many other information brochures were printed and distributed countrywide up to November 2008, and January 2009 Father closed my mouth for 5 years according to Ezekiel 3v26. I went through the darkest valley of the shadow of death where He led me into a deeper spiritual dimension!!! Friday afternoon on the 19thof July 2013 I called to my Lord and Teacher in deepest travail – I can’t anymore Holy Lord, how long still???? Whereupon He answers me today! Today! And that night Saturday 20 July 2013 at 3am the Holy Father gave me 3 identical dreams in connection with Israel and drew my attention towards the future happenings around Israel; His perfect prophetic hourglass.

Monday the 13thJanuary 2014 while praying, I asked the Holy Father to send me a final sign when to begin and He directly answered me as follow – through one of His children – “Hein I want to encourage you to continue with this preaching because it produces fruit that you cannot even comprehend. It is the seed that you sow that will produce an eternal heavenly return (harvest) in the HEAVENLY CANAAN.” After this thousands upon thousands of sms’e got send out to the honour of our Holy Lord and Teacher and to edify His children. On my birthday the 25thof August 2014, Holy Abba Father send me a message that I, like Solomon (1 Kings 3v9), must pray for wisdom regarding His prophetical messages and He confirmed it to me on Monday the 15thSeptember 2014 in a message and exactly 7 days later I received the greatest present imaginable out of His eternal Fathers Heart and Hand. Hallelujah – Soli Deo Gloria! Amen.

Thursday the 6 of August 2015 during my morning prayer, exactly 70 years after the USA threw the first nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, the Holy Abba Father showed me in the clear blue sky a boiling pot above a pyramid that pronounced the prophetic destruction of New York, the United Nations and Washington somewhere in the future. During the nights of 29-30 November 2015, the Holy Abba Father confirmed in a dream that He is going to give me a big open door for 2016. That was fulfilled on Wednesday the 1stJune 2016 when all the information about the end times, in Afrikaans and English, were uploaded onto the internet on our Holy Abba Fathers address www.bibleendtimeprophecy.com.Soli Deo Gloria – To our Holy God all the honour! 9 September 2016 a blue book gets published for the first time with all the end time prophesies. Hallelujah!

On Wednesday the 1stof February 2017 on my way to Middelburg the Holy Abba Father told me to warn South Africa urgently – Turn or burn!This warning gets published and uploaded on the Internet in Afrikaans and English for the whole of South Africa to read. During the first week in November 2017 during my prayer time, I got out of Heaven the instruction that during February 2018, I must hold 4 seminars in Middelburg with the slogan for 2018 “BE HAPPY TOGETHER JESUS IS COMING AGAIN”and in specific to invite all the ministers. Sunday the 31stDecember 2017 Holy Abba Father gave me Scripture out of Heaven (Gen 28v15) for 2018 and at 3am Monday morning I receive a dream for 2018. During February 2018 after 4 seminars, during which Holy Abba Father showed me His broader picture for 2018 and that the battle belongs to Him and that HEis going to send individuals on my way to spread His prophetic information; and so it happened – Hallelujah. Amen!

Some of the multitude of Godly drastic interventions and miracles!

I still remember– my baby son Hein was very ill and at death’s door in Witbank Hospital during which a minister prayed for him and directly thereafter he was cured; our prayers for a pretty house, a big Mercedes and sports cars get answered (Phillip 4v6). I tore my heart about people’s injustice for God’s business and a roof of a house gets gusted. Father sees Emmie’s tears – a small woman in despair during prayer, where after her husband Jan phones out of London. A lost blind dog “Koljander” gets found after prayer. Our prayer journey through Witbank – a grief-stricken man’s marriage got repaired with Godly intervention; a beautiful little girl can see normal again, our prayers for our son Hein at Highveld steel and Vanadium got answered and a Godly miracle took place. We tore our hearts in prayer before Holy Abba Father over all the sins in Sodwana Bay 31 December 1997 – Holy Abba Father prevents it and sent a massive storm. January 1998 at Cape Agulhas I prayed on the rocks and Holy Abba Father showed me that His end time prophesies will be send out from South Africa. After prayer in Groot Marico, Father increased 40 packets of sweets to hundreds in Skuinsdrift Primary school so that all the teachers and kids could get some. In Middelburg at Zebedela-bricks a small heap of stones increased during prayer and 2 bakkie loads and 2 trailers got loaded to the brim. 12 Litres of paint increased after prayer and a big house got painted. My vehicle slipped in wet weather in Pretoria where an angel protected us, and I got 4 free new tyres and petrol for free until Jesus comes back (already for 13 years – Hallelujah!). The Holy Spirit gave us an instruction to go to Midwater Spar, Middelburg – a man paid for all our groceries. At Ocean Basket, a pastor ‘rushed’ to our table and paid for our lunch. Holy Abba Father provided a rooster during one of my prayer journeys above my tent in a tree, to wake me up at 5am to start praying. Holy Abba Father showed me during prayers the coming destruction of Washington, New York and the United Nations as a sign in the clear blue skies on the morning of 6 August 2015. I lost my purse at Witbank Mall with everything in it; 7 days later after intense prayer my pursue lays in front of me, and a lot more to the Honour and glory of our Holy, Holy, Holy Abba Father!

Wednesday morning prayer 22 August 2018 – Holy Abba Father Message!!!!

We are the light; don’t get discouraged, we are almost there.To Holy Abba Father all the Honour!!!